. Detecting Communities Based on Network Topology(NeTA)

NeTA is an algorithm for detecting communities in complex networks based on network topology.
It is thoroughly discussed in our paper:
Wei Liu, Matteo Pellegrini & Xiaofan Wang. Detecting Communities Based on Network Topology[J]. Scientific Reports. 2014, 4: srep05739.

You can download our latest release of Matlab codes here:
NeTA Matlab codes.

Instructions of NeTA app:
(1) Compatibility: Matlab 2014 or later;
(2) You need download the NeTA app and install it in Matlab (use install app option), then you can run it and input your network file in command line;
(3) The upload network files should be .mat format (adjacent matrix of network).

. Visualization of Complex Network Sampling System(VCNSS)

VCNSS is a system that people can operate various sampling methodologies to sample directed/undirected networks, and visualize the sampling outcomes in different layouts.

You can enter VCNSS here
Visualization of Complex Network Sampling System(VCNSS)

. Accelerated testing of Autonomous Vehicles

AGCBS is an online adaptive generation architecture for critical boundary driving scenarios. The whole system consists of four parts, including naturalistic driving scenarios generation, scenario complexity model, intelligent driving test, and AGCBS algorithm.

You can enter AGCBS here
Visualization of Adaptive Generation of Critical Boundary Scenarios(AGCBS)